Leaving Home Depot — Parting thoughts after 5+ years with THD

How far is this metaphor going to go, anyway?

The Brief Origin Story

I don’t know exactly when this was, but apparently color hadn’t been invented yet

The Who

The Problem

and the two young fish swam on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, “What the hell is a store?”
The housing supply shortage represents some of the juiciest of the Pro opportunity

The Summary

Not quite, Jon

The Loose Ramble

  1. When two languages are so different that everything rendered in the other loses the message in translation
  2. When two languages overlap and the same terms are used with different meanings
  • Thinking the first Monday in February is New Years Day
  • One tool to solve every problem, and that tool is called PowerPoint
  • AFEWD (Acronyms For Everything We Do)
  • That f%&$cking Guam store, out there in the middle of world, messing up what otherwise could be a 16/7 uptime.
  • Password Change Day
  • Using #ee7125 as the primary, secondary, tertiary and auxiliary color in every user interface I build



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Jon Oropeza

Jon Oropeza

Software engineer and team leader by experience, startup and business nerd by nature. PDX. https://jonoropeza.com